Liebster Award

I learned that Liebster means favourite, pleasant, valued. I am elated. Thank you Sreejit (OfMindOrMatter)for nominating me to the Liebster Blog Award.

When I received my first award, One Lovely Blog Award from Tapish, I already know that accepting an award is sweet and tough. Sweet because you know that your thoughts affect other people in a good way and tough because I need to write random facts about me and to nominate a defined number of bloggers (can I nominate all? :)).

And here it goes…

Rules to follow 

A) You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated YOUR own blog. (Done)

B) You paste the award picture into your blog. (Done)

C) You write up 11 NEW questions directed towards your nominees. (Done :))

1-2. What characteristic do you have that you want others to possess? Why?

3-4. Do you believe in reincarnation? Why?

5-7. If you have the power to change things in the past, will you change it? What would it be? Why?

8-9. If you wake up as the opposite sex, what will be the first thing  you’ll do? Why?

10-11. What’s the craziest thing you did for love? Do you regret it?

D) When you receive the award, you must post 11 random facts about yourself.

I already have 7 in my About Me page and here are the rest: 🙂

I am a sucker for happy endings.

I have a huge crush on Zac Efron. 🙂

I love zombie movies.

I am a night person.

My fave game when I was a kid was combat games with my youngest brother and guys in the neighbourhood. 😉

I wanted to be a nun when I was 9 years old.

I love corn.

I can sleep and do nothing when I feel depressed…and I don’t like it.

E) To answer the 11 questions asked by Sreejit. 🙂

1. why did you start your blog? I created this blog because I need it. Sometimes talking to someone about life and its mysteries is not enough or the rush of thoughts and emotions is too much so I need to just write it down. (About me page)

2. what gives your life meaning? Be able to help people even in small ways.

3. what philosophy do you live by?  Do not do undo others what you don’t want others do unto you.

4. is there something that you’d rather be doing with your life? I wanted to be a teacher or be on a mission helping out children.

5. what did you want to be when you were 11 years old? Become the President.

6. if you didn’t make that happen, why not? I’m leaving this post to people who are tough enough to make decisions.

7. are you working towards some particular goal? Yes.

8. If you gave your life up to now a title, what would it be? Complicated, on the way to self-healing

9. what would be your projected title for the next 20 years of your life? Hopefully, Happy and Contented

10. How much time do you take for yourself everyday just to introspect, or process who, or where you are? It really depends, sometimes a few min and at worst times more than 12 hours.

11. What is it about you, that makes others happy? Friends, can you help me on this? I  think being a good listener.

F) Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure that you notify the blogger that you nominated them.)

Liebster Blog is given to “up and coming” bloggers with less than 200 followers. I realized that most blogs I liked or followed had more than 200 followers, so the process of elimination starts and here are my 11 nominees: (mindful does not accept awards but still I am adding her, go check her blog)


  1. Very well written post . So sweet of you to nominate me, I’m overwhelmed. I have very limited knowledge of English and find tough to answer all the questions.. Also its tough to nominate few as i think all my fellow blogger deserve this more than me.

  2. Thank you sooo so much for the nomination for this award, I am honoured and so happy. I love to make people happy and in return I am becoming happier. How wonderful.Hugs Ute x

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