One Lovely Blog Award

 Wow! Thanks Tapish (Life of 24 Hours) for nominating me in the One Lovely Blog Award. Unexpected but very much appreciated. 🙂

For the rules (I hope I did it right):

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (ok, I had a trouble linking but I did, Thanks again Tapish)
2. List seven random things about yourself. ( About Me – now I just updated it)
3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers.

Life of 24 hours
Canadian Hiking Photography
Deep Thinkings
Deidre’s Thoughts
Fading Meta
Daddy Drinks
Hopping Across Cultures
Rambling from an Apathetic Adult Baby
Creative Donkey
Debt of Gratitude
Anticipating Serendipity
Have a Dream
Wisdom from the Sisterhood
4am Philosopher
Inconsequential Reflection

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