From A (Busy) Working Mom

My dearest lifessweetbittersurprises,

How are you?

If you can talk to me, I know you’ll say “Mae, you’ve been ignoring me.” and  you’ll put up a face like this :(.

Please don’t think that I am ignoring you. I am not and will not.

I am glad that even in my absence, people around the world keep you company. Thank you to the new followers and for all the likes and comments while I was (and will be) busy at work.

 I miss you. I miss writing and reading the wonderful blogs of people we’ve met here. I’ve spent hours last night and this morning to read some of the posts. I had a great time!

The 2 weeks at work had my time occupied. I am still in the process of learning about the companies assigned to me, how they handle their accounts and so on. I have to meet 2 deadlines this February – management reports and audit. I know it’s boring stuff for you so let’s leave it at that.


Work-Home. Work-Daughter-Less Sleep. This was my routine for the past two weeks. The time I spent with my daughter was becoming lesser. I know it’s not a good thing for her and for my health but I hope this will change in the coming days.

Anyways, I have wonderful colleagues. I’ve learned a lot from them – good and bad. Something for me to think about in the future.

I also received a good news last Tuesday. But that I have to tell later. It’s something about a plan I have been pursuing since December last year.

I am on my day off and I am spending it with my daughter. I’ll see you soon. Happy Weekend!






Today is the Day

I’m off to work in a few minutes. My first day with a new company. Excited? No… haha

But I’m gonna step it up and make the day right. I’ve got an inspiration right now from McDonalds – Hooray for Today!


Let It Be

There are different kinds of problems





It can come just around the corner

It can be from someone

or No one at all

It can be solved at an instance

on its own

or might need a couple of helping hands

And there are problems that seems impossible to deal with


“And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, LET IT BE

…There Will Be an Answer, LET IT BE…”

(I also love this Let It Be cover by Angie Vasquez.)