I was cleaning the house and my daughter was playing with her toys. We both jumped to the sofa when a cockroach appeared from I don’t know where. This little thing started to crawl towards her toys, then she shouted “You cockroach! If you go to my toys, you’re grounded!” 😀


Mom I Don’t Want to Grow Up #3

A: “Mommy, why do you have a line in your forehead?”

Me: “Sign of getting old”

A: “I wish I am still young”

Me:  “Why?”

A: “Because if I’m growing old you are also growing old. I don’t want you to grow old.”

Mom I Don’t Want to Grow Up #2

Last night,  my daughter asked me that she had been thinking a lot during the past days. Curious, I asked her what was she thinking. She posed a question,

A: ” Mom, when I grow up I’ll be big right?”

Me: “Yes.”

A: “Ok, then I don’t want to grow up.” Dejavu! I recalled the time when she first told me she doesn’t want to grow up.Her reasons this time were:

1) “I will no longer be your baby.”

2) “I can no longer sleep with you”

3) “most importantly, I can no longer wear my cute little clothes. i don’t like big clothes. Ugly!”


(make sense :))