“It Will Come to Yah”

Aside from visiting places in Baguio, the last 2 Holidays (All Saints and All Souls) were spent reading. I went to Fully Booked with no particular author in mind. My eyes were glued to a novel titled “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini. I bought this thinking that it was full of jokes as I needed a good laugh. It was not. It’s more than that. I also learned that a movie adaptation was made in 2010.

I started reading the book. I know the protagonist, Craig, somehow. He reminded me a lot of a friend who from the age of 9 had been struggling with himself. He, same with Craig, is still struggling but is doing better. (Hugs my friend, I am just here!)

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” for me is a kind of “wake-up” call book written with humor.  I smiled a lot when I was reading the book because I can see glimpses of him and flash backs of our conversations. At the same time, I got wonderful insights from the characters in the book..something that I can apply to myself, something that I can learn from. As Jimmy (a character in the book) always said, “Don’t worry! It will come to Yah!

Below were parts of the book that caught my attention mainly because it reminded me of my friend/thing’s we talked about and lines I loved from the book (rows 3-6).

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