Unspoken Words

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Unspoken Words


Gone in 36 Days

I was gone for a month and 5 days before my first post in 2013. I was so much occupied with the things and emotions clouding my life.

What I wanted at that moment was to be away.

Wish granted. My daughter’s school ended early for the Holidays. On Dec 20th, I packed our bags and headed home to spend Christmas and New Year with my family. The ride to Baguio took us 10 hours on the bus because of the traffic. We rested for 5 hours, then we hit the road to Buguias (where I spent 15 years of my life). It was a 3 hour ride in a long winding road. I felt dizzy but I so much enjoyed the scenery and the cool breeze. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera with me.

Views from the 3 hour ride to Buguias taken using my phone.
Views from the 3 hour ride to Buguias taken using my phone.

A lot changed. People from nearby low land provinces moved to the mountains so the place is now crowded. Houses sprung like mushrooms. I usually woke up in the morning, opened my window and engulfed myself with the view of the sun rise, the mountains and the neighboring farms. Since I arrived, my curtain was never left opened because across my window is another house exactly facing my old room, blocking my view of everything but the house.

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Vivid Drea-lity

It’s dark and it’s cold.
I found comfort in you,
In this seemingly endless road
I’m walking.

Covered in Snow,
The moon shone on you.
You looked brave.
You shimmered.

You stood there.
Arm’s stretched to the sky.

I sat close to you.
I held you.
I touched your skin,
Do you remember me?

You were in my dreams.
I’ve been there.
I walked that path.
I know that spot.

One single image,
Brought you to life.
I know it was you.

That’s what I named you.
Coined from your owner,
And the wisdom that flows in you.

No one will know
The depth of those dreams,
The times I spent with you.