After almost 5 months of rest, I am going back to work. But I have this uneasy feeling of going to this new workplace. I asked for this job, completed the interviews and even prayed for it. Now that it is here, I am not excited about it. I never felt this before. I always feel the rush when I get to a new workplace, the idea of new challenges and working with new people. But this time, I dread it. I can’t get myself to fill in the paper works needed for my boarding. I even feel like crying just thinking about it. (I hope I can bring myself back on track and just enjoy the job…And that one day I can figure out why I feel this way.)




Vivid Drea-lity

It’s dark and it’s cold.
I found comfort in you,
In this seemingly endless road
I’m walking.

Covered in Snow,
The moon shone on you.
You looked brave.
You shimmered.

You stood there.
Arm’s stretched to the sky.

I sat close to you.
I held you.
I touched your skin,
Do you remember me?

You were in my dreams.
I’ve been there.
I walked that path.
I know that spot.

One single image,
Brought you to life.
I know it was you.

That’s what I named you.
Coined from your owner,
And the wisdom that flows in you.

No one will know
The depth of those dreams,
The times I spent with you.

Where did the Gentlemen go?

I went out this morning to do some errands. Usually, I take a cab going home but today I took a bus. I was lucky that the bus was not crowded and I sat in the 2nd row . The bus stopped in Ayala, the Central Business District in Makati. In a minute, the bus was full.

Two passengers caught my attention. Two old ladies or senior citizens were standing by the alley near me, one carrying a really big bag. The person sitting in front,  beside, at the back and at my right were all men. The guy in my right stood up and offered the sit to the other lady. I waited for a few minutes for someone to do the same to the other lady with a bag. No one did. I offered my seat to her. She said thank you and told me she pity that I have to stand up. I told her I’m used to it, even if I’m not, and smiled. I was disappointed  because this men looked at her and did nothing.

I braced myself so I won’t fall when the bus moved. Finally, one guy on the third row stood up and offered his sit to me. In my mind I was asking ‘what were you doing earlier?’. I thanked him.

Come on guys! Be a gentleman! We will all get old, you will get married if still not, we all have mothers, some might have sisters, or girlfriends, or daughters… would you want them to be in that situation someday? I don’t.

I’m good! I just wanted to let this out.