Today is the Day

I’m off to work in a few minutes. My first day with a new company. Excited? No… haha

But I’m gonna step it up and make the day right. I’ve got an inspiration right now from McDonalds – Hooray for Today!




After almost 5 months of rest, I am going back to work. But I have this uneasy feeling of going to this new workplace. I asked for this job, completed the interviews and even prayed for it. Now that it is here, I am not excited about it. I never felt this before. I always feel the rush when I get to a new workplace, the idea of new challenges and working with new people. But this time, I dread it. I can’t get myself to fill in the paper works needed for my boarding. I even feel like crying just thinking about it. (I hope I can bring myself back on track and just enjoy the job…And that one day I can figure out why I feel this way.)



Happy 2013!

I’m back. I have too many stories to tell, too many thoughts to share, to many questions to ask, but I’ll write that down in the next days. 

Right now, I just wanted to wish everyone a Wonderful Year, A year full of hope, love, happiness and good fortune! Happy 2013!