Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Life is something that I thank God everyday. I thank Him for my family, friends, love, pain, air, laughter… everything. But I am most grateful for the gift He gave me 7 years ago. This is my daughter. She’s 5 months old in the picture. She is my inspiration. She gives me hope when I feel down, she showers me with her unconditional love and she gives me strength during tough times. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

When She was 5 months old


  1. Life is a wonderful mix of all those things you mentioned. The miracle comes when we learn how to balance the good with the sad times, the happy with the angry times. Sometimes all it takes is to look your children in the eye and know that their love for you is no where near as great as God’s love for you. And your children love you more than you realize, I know this because I never thought I could love as much as I love my children, grandchildren. Love is the balancer and the author of Love is God. I learn that each and every day!

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