Buried Deep

A day drifted,

A week had passed,

A month gone by,

But I am still lost.

Lost in the ambiguity of dreams,

Lost in the realm of this world,

Lost in the shadows of my past,

Lost in the uncertainty of the future.

I am drifting,

I am searching,

I am looking,

I am wanting.

Want the truth from all the words,

Want the answers for all the why’s,

Want peace from all the chaos,

Want hope for the dampened spirits.

I fell,

I’m falling,

I’m crying,

I’m waiting.

Wait for a light to spark,

Wait for a love to be rekindled,

Wait for a prayer to be answered,

Wait for the message to be unraveled.

I am burnt,

I am crushed,

I am struggling,

And I am fighting.

A fight for truth,

A fight for freedom,

A fight for my right,

A fight for a better life.


9 thoughts on “Buried Deep

      1. Fighting is all we can do! I have great days and mentally exhausting days. We all can find happiness again..It’s riding the waves of this thing we call life! We have to take the good with the bad and not drown in the process. …….Paula xxx

  1. Hope. It helps us dream on, move on and go on. This poem, in its essence, employ one thing that one should have to reach that one true life or one true love. Hope.

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