Living and Making a Difference

Yesterday, Nov 9, 2012, was the quarterly Parents and Teachers meeting at my daughters school. Ate was suppose to take my place in the meeting because I am not feeling well but at the last minute I decided to attend. I’m glad I did. This quarter they arranged a lecture on how parents and teachers can help mold the values of the children. The speaker shared 3 inspiring videos that I also wanted to share with you.

The 2 videos deal on making a difference. The 1st one is the Parable of the Starfish and the 2nd is Graffiti (a Pfizer commercial) . These videos made a mark on me. Lately, my thoughts were on people who made a difference in my life and how I can make a difference in their life or someone’s life. 

The last video is the Parable of the Pencils.  Life teaches us lessons, it will never be easy ones. But, what is important is what we learn from this and how we move forward.

I hope you enjoyed watching the videos as much as I did!


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