Battling the BLUEs

6:00 AM

Oh damn, for the past 2 weeks I really felt so sad, depressed. No matter how I tried to think of happy thoughts, my mind and body just refused to accept it. And I woke up still having this shitty mood. These are the days when love songs made me cry and angry. I just wanted to bury myself in misery. It’s like waking up everyday with too much alcohol in your body. I felt numb. I know that one day it will hit me again but come on, why everything in these week?  Should there be a schedule for this?

7:15 AM

After an hour of pondering, I, Mae, will do my best to put a STOP to it.  I can’t take another day feeling bad! NO!

8:06 AM

Shoot! I dozed off. ZUMBA Time!

9:25 AM


10:15 AM

Today My Life Begins (Bruno Mars) in auto-replay! Just the right song to set my mind for the day.

12:18 PM

Bath Time. Still with Bruno Mars in the background.

01:25 PM

Lunch Date! 😀 Thanks!

03:13 PM

Mall Time! I did some grocery, I bought a shoe and had a relaxing body massage. Boy that helps. I think I am getting better!

05:45 PM

Home. Chat with my friends.

07:00 PM

A is home. Dinner time!

08:15 PM

School work with A. Shower Time.

09:24 PM

Catching up with Grimm Episodes! 🙂

11:33 PM

Gosh, I feel sleepy. But before that, I have to watch this cute video sent by Fanny.

11:48 PM

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow is another day! And as the lil girl said, “Don’t Stop! Don’t Give Up! You’ll get it right!” 🙂 Good night!


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