A’s First Travel Abroad

Oct 14 was the most awaited day for my daughter. She chose to celebrate her 7th birthday in Disneyland instead of having a big celebration at home. Her celebration came 2 months late because of school activities that we can’t miss. I was excited for her. I was too excited that out of the 900+ photos I took, I was only in 16 of it. 🙂 It was her first plane ride, first out of the country travel and her most awaited meet up with the princesses and Mickey and the gang. 2 weeks before the flight, she already started a count down reminding me everyday the days left before the flight.

As a single mom, I struggled in providing her needs (physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and mentally). Seeing her happy made all the hardships a thing of the past. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A’s First Travel Abroad

  1. I loved Disneyland. I got married in Vegas 12 years ago (2nd marriage) My boys were 8 and 16. 9 of my family members also came, it was the most magical time of my life! Just by being you your daughter will think she has everything. They love us unconditionally, it’s us that feel we’ve let them down in some way. I was a single mum for years and know how hard and lonely life can get! You’ve given her a memory she’ll never forget! …Paula x

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