SPANERIA and My Thoughts

SPANERIA – a scarcity of males (Wiktionary).

According to The World Factbook, the ratio of men to women for 2012 is 1.07:1 .  So where are they? I felt like we have a shortage of the male population with the increasing number of single women and men in polygamous relationship. Sadly, not all these men are out for the taking. Let’s say out of the 1.07 men, how many are underage? How many are married? How many are gay? This can be further reduced by eliminating those that does not suit our preferences.

Assuming you want to be with a man (I do), the numbers are against us after considering all the “subtrahend.” It means that we may end up an old maid. But before I  jump into the wagon, I will not just sit and wait. I want to be better.  And with the help of my friends, I have this list. It’s few but worth mentioning.

  • Read a book.  You will never know when a gorgeous guy visits the bookstore  or meet an intellectual guy while having your morning coffee break.
  • Like women, men love being with people with a good sense of humor. So enjoy being silly.
  • Learn a new language. Isn’t French sexy?
  • Dance, do yoga or anything that will make you sweat. Hello to a sexier and healthier you!
  • Meet new people and gain more friends.
  • Take a risk. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while.
  • Strengthen you spiritual connection.

The most important of all is you have to do this for YOURSELF and not for the man. After all, shortage or not, there’s luck, destiny, fate and free will. So just love yourself more and let the rest follow.


4 thoughts on “SPANERIA and My Thoughts

  1. Bonjour Lifes douces amères surprises. J’ai vraiment profiter de vos messages et celui-ci en particulier. Avec le rapport de plus d’hommes que de femmes pourquoi, oh pourquoi suis-je encore détaché. Je suis à la recherche d’une compagne de préférence localement, mais il ya seulement deux femmes allemandes qui ne sont pas attachées. On me fait peur à la mort et l’autre vient de terminer une mauvaise relation avec un Espagnol. En espérant que Mme Right viendra sous peu. J’ai écrit cela en français comme vous le dites dans votre message françaises est passionnant. Étreintes. x Ralph

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