Monday Madness

I’m trying.

It should be easier when I wake up with

No headache,

No long queues in my ride to work,

No traffic,

No piles of paperwork on my desk,

No irate customer at the end of the line,

No 140+ unread mail in my inbox (have they been working in the weekend?),

No missing paper supplies in my rack (where the hell did it go?)

More coffee in the vendo machine (pffft, don’t you know I need one too?)…

Sigh, typical Monday, but as it is, this will pass.

I’m taking on the challenge of surviving this madness with a smile.

I’m trying to be HAPPY, it is a state of mind (say that again)

It is a state of mind. (again)

Happiness is a state of mind!

Lunch Time! But before I go eat, Happy Monday!



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