Child Labor

I came home from work and found the house a mess. My daughters toys and books were all scattered on the floor. She was watching a movie. After she finished it, she asked if she can still watch playhouse disney channel. I said she can but she need to fix her books and toys.

She started crying.

A: I can’t fix my toys, I am already tired.

Me: If you are tired, you go to sleep now.

A: (still crying) I don’t want to go to sleep, I’m tired, a little, but NOT SLEEPY. I’ll watch cartoons!

Me: No you can’t until you fix your toys.

A: (sighed and started to move to her toys) Mommy, why aren’t you listening to me? I told you I am tired, listen to me. Please mommy I am tired. You want me to fix it but why aren’t you helping me? That is child labor…

Sigh.  I was supposed to get mad but ended up laughing. Case Over. I ended up fixing the toys and she was the one helping me out.


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