Spell J-A-C-K-E-T

On our way to the airport to fetch Grandpa, Nathan (at 5) was in the mood for spelling bee.

Nathan: “Tita (Aunt), give me a word and I’ll spell it.”

Me: “DOG”

Nathan: “d-o-g”

So we went on for 10 mins with simple words like cat, car, play and more. Nathan started to get bored so he asked to spell a longer word.

Gina: “Mr. Bean”

Nathan: (checking his Mr. Bean shirt) “M-R-B-E-A-N”

Me: “Nathan that is cheating!”

Nathan: (giggled and tried to redeem himself) “Ok, ok, let me spell Jacket then.”

Me: “Go, but don’t cheat.”

Nathan: “Jacket is spelled as B-A-S-E…”

We were all wondering and started laughing when we saw where he was looking at…


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