Charming a Cat (Aries POV)

Charming a Cat (Aries POV)

Are you with a Leo?
Can Aries and Leo have a relationship?

The Twilight movie is an example of a LION falling in love with a LAMB. Edward Cullen, a cold-blooded and very stubborn vampire, fell deeply in love with Bella Swan, a strong-willed, shy and stubborn girl. But this is a fiction movie, such does not exist. True it’s fiction but such love exist.

Between two fire signs like Aries and Leo, it seems not possible to make a relationship work. Both signs are stubborn and have high egos. But it is possible.

As an Aries, you should
* Put your best clothes on as Leo loves to flaunt his looks by dressing up,
* An argument can turn into a dangerous feat so make room for compromise,
* Never betray a Leo’s trust or you will pay the price, and
* Shower him with praise and compliment. Leo is sensitive and gets hurt easily. The best way to have him back is to boost his ego but do it honestly.

Keep your Leo charmed and you can share a passionate and exciting
relationship. That’s something an Aries should enjoy!


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